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A new alternative for tech media

What do you like to read? I mean, really enjoy reading?

I started Tweney Media because I saw the kind of articles that tech news organizations were publishing on the one hand, and the kinds of content that tech companies were publishing on the other, and I realized that they were both missing something:

I didn’t actually want to read them.

The news stories: Often well written and smart, but too quickly written to delve deep into a topic, and often written by authors with only glancing understanding of the tech, at best. Skimmable, sometimes enjoyable, but ultimately unenlightening.

The companies’ content: Knowledgeable about the tech, but often poorly written and betraying no understanding of what the reader cares about, and little ability to make the reader care. Dense, but unpleasant to read.

Between those two poles yawns an enormous gap. That’s where, if they existed, you would find the articles, podcasts, videos, and Slideshares that are smart, well-written, engaging. Stories that are well-told but also knowledgeable and go into depth on tech topics of importance.

I’m here to help create that kind of content. And while we’re at it, let’s call that content what it really is: Media. (Content is such a bland, generic word.)

Publishing is now accessible to all. The media is no longer owned by those formerly known as The Media. That’s not to disparage my friends in the capital-M media: They are smart. They work hard. (I know, I worked alongside them for many years as a journalist myself.) They often do great work. But they are no longer the only option for companies with a story to tell, and too often the capital-M media are too busy, too overworked, and too distracted to tell those stories, even if they’re worth telling.

Now companies with a story to tell have a new option: Creating and publishing their own media. Whether their stories use the written word, audio, or video, it’s possible now to get a message out and speak directly to thousands or millions of customers — and would-be customers — without any intermediaries.

The question is, can you tell a story that people actually want to read, or listen to, or watch?

Tweney Media is about telling stories — in whatever media make sense — that accomplish our clients’ business goals, and which are well-written, well-produced, and (dare we hope) even fun to read.

We’re a team of writers, editors, and producers who can tell great stories. We know how to use an em-dash and a semicolon. We aren’t afraid to put our names on our best work. And we’d like to do that work for you.