Cosmos launches at International Blockchain Week

Tweney Media client Cosmos soft-launched its website a couple weeks ago, and today the company scored coverage in the International Business Times for its demo at International Blockchain Week in Shanghai. Congrats to Jae and Ethan for a nice debut.

The standard of firms and startups presenting was extremely high. A major announcement was the first public outing of Cosmos, the “internet of blockchains” released by Tendermint. Tendermint, which is used by Eris Industries, is a free and open source consensus middleware, related to the classic Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) algorithm, released in 1999.

Presenting, Jae Kwon, co-founder of Tendermint, said Cosmos is a public network of blockchains, which he called “zones” because the can have their own style of governance, their own economic models and tokens. “They are like economic zones,” he said.

… “We see it as a world wide web for tokens and blockchains, a solution to lots of longstanding problems in the blockchain world.”

For more info on Cosmos, check out its website.

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