How we work

We’re not a PR firm, and we’re not a content agency, though we have elements of both.

Our goal is to help you define a branded leadership position through well-crafted, well-delivered stories in a variety of media.

It’s not just about sending out press releases and setting up meetings with reporters. We don’t just fill holes in your marketing strategy with content. We’re not “hired guns” or hourly consultants.

We want to become a trusted extension of your marketing and PR teams, helping you define and tell your company’s story in an organic and effective way.

We start by working to understand what your unique story is, and how that fits into your branding and marketing goals. Then we help you create a communications strategy that will achieve those goals, and we work with you to create high-quality content and to distribute it.

In short, we help you communicate what’s most important in a way that connects with the audiences you’re trying to reach.

Our work falls into three broad categories:

Content strategy, a.k.a. figuring out your story and how to tell it:
We work with you to figure how best to communicate with the audience or market you want to reach, and we help you develop the appropriate strategy and fill out an editorial calendar. Then we create and deploy stories (or help you create and deploy them) in whatever media are most appropriate: most often blog posts, but also print products, podcasts, video, infographics, or basic web sites.

Thought leadership, a.k.a. helping you demonstrate leadership through well-presented ideas:
We help you develop and refine thoughtful points of view. Then we work with you as writers, editors, and coaches to turn those ideas into influential copy, speeches, illustrations, infographics, podcasts, and other media. We also do media training and writing skills workshops to further enhance your ability to get your ideas out effectively.

Distribution and PR, a.k.a. getting the word out:
We work closely with your existing communications/PR team, if you have one, to ensure the maximum impact for the content we’re helping you product. We help find outlets to publish your bylines and op-eds. We craft a media outreach strategy that dovetails with your own communications plan. We work with reporters to ensure that your news reaches the right audience. And we can organize and execute social media outreach and paid promotion to expand the reach of your ideas.

What we can do for you:

  • Help you decide what kind of content suits your needs most
  • Create a content strategy
  • Create, edit, and help you publish top-quality thought leadership pieces (bylines)
  • Train your staff to write better and to pitch better
  • Get your blog up and running
  • Supply professional-quality copy, video, and audio for your site
  • Work with designers to create (or redesign) a blog or website
  • Work with PR, social media, and marketing teams to publicize your content
  • Work with your tech team to ensure that your publishing system suits your content needs
  • Analyze traffic and social media data, and adjust content accordingly

That’s what we do. What’s your story?