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A Deep Dive into Hexadite’s Founding, Growth, and Acquisition by Microsoft 

Yoav Leitersdorf just published a long read about Hexadite’s startup journey, from its founding three years ago to last week’s acquisition by Microsoft. It’s not often you get to see so much of a startup’s inside story.

Since we were there from the earliest days, we’d like to share some anecdotes and insights that show how special this team is. We also want to share this story so other entrepreneurs can see more of what goes on behind the scenes at a successful enterprise technology startup. Starting a company can be a long journey filled with challenges of all kinds. It helps to understand what is really happening, not just what gets written about in the news after a funding round or an acquisition closes.

Read the rest: A Deep Dive into Hexadite’s Founding, Growth, and Acquisition by Microsoft | Yoav Leitersdorf | Pulse | LinkedIn

Video: Introduction to Tezos

Tezos is an all-new smart contract platform built with security and future growth in mind. Its code is built to facilitate formal (mathematical) verification, and governance is built into the Tezos protocol itself. The platform is currently active on a test network and is preparing for fundraising event in June.

Tweney Media helped Tezos with its early messaging and media outreach, leading to coverage in WIRED as well as contributed articles in TechCrunch, Coindesk, and elsewhere.

We also scripted and produced this 2-minute explainer video starring the Tezos cofounders, with a combination of in-studio shots and animation.

Note: This is the second blockchain startup Tweney Media has done extensive work for. The previous one was Cosmos, for which we did message and media outreach around its public launch at International Blockchain Week in Shanghai during September 2016; we also scripted and executive-produced the introduction to Cosmos video. Cosmos went on to raise $17M in 5 minutes in its initial coin offering.

The Tezos founders are smart, dedicated, and have a great set of ideas about how to make blockchains and smart contracts work better. We wish them the best of luck in their fundraiser and beyond.


Tech companies overlook a key CEO talent pool: Sales

Only 8 percent of the CEOs nation’s 100 largest tech firms have primary backgrounds in sales, and less than 30 percent of them have any sales experience at all.

“Companies are missing an important pool of top talent to consider for the CEO role,” says Rick Sklarin, senior client partner in Korn Ferry’s Global Technology practice and author of the report, “From sales executive to CEO: lessons on the journey.”

Tweney Media helped Korn Ferry produce this in-depth, 12-page white paper, and the result is pretty slick. Check it out on Korn Ferry’s website.