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ValiMail: Russian Phishing Attack Uses Harvard Emails

From Tweney Media client ValiMail, a timely post that scored incredible engagement on LinkedIn, raising ValiMail’s profile and helping to establish CEO Alexander García-Tobar as an email security expert:

Russian Phishing Attack Uses Harvard Emails — Due to Lack of Email Authentication

A Russian phishing attack used a fake Harvard email address in an attempt to get malware into American think tanks and nonprofits, the Harvard Crimson reports.

The attack shows how effective it can be for phishers to use the exact domain name of organizations that are unprotected by email authentication.

This attack also shows how difficult email authentication is for many organizations–Harvard included. Quotes in the Crimson story, and ValiMail’s domain checker, make it clear that Harvard was essentially defenseless against phishing attacks.

Worse: Phishing-led attacks account for a huge proportion of hacks, including the momentous intrusions into the Democratic National Committee. Hackers start their assault by sending phish emails to targets within the organization, and if they’re lucky enough to get someone who clicks on a link or opens a malicious attachment, they use that opening to get into the network itself.

Hey, it worked on John Podesta.

Cosmos launches at International Blockchain Week

Tweney Media client Cosmos soft-launched its website a couple weeks ago, and today the company scored coverage in the International Business Times for its demo at International Blockchain Week in Shanghai.

In addition to writing and editing the website copy, Tweney Media wrote the script and executive-produced the intro video above. We also led extensive PR outreach, generating the IBT coverage and other media hits for Cosmos.

Congrats to Jae and Ethan for a nice debut.

The standard of firms and startups presenting was extremely high. A major announcement was the first public outing of Cosmos, the “internet of blockchains” released by Tendermint. Tendermint, which is used by Eris Industries, is a free and open source consensus middleware, related to the classic Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) algorithm, released in 1999.

Presenting, Jae Kwon, co-founder of Tendermint, said Cosmos is a public network of blockchains, which he called “zones” because the can have their own style of governance, their own economic models and tokens. “They are like economic zones,” he said.

… “We see it as a world wide web for tokens and blockchains, a solution to lots of longstanding problems in the blockchain world.”

For more info on Cosmos, check out its website.

Quantcast: To Engage Emotion, Tell a Story

AdAge logoWe worked with Quantcast to help raise awareness for a session at Cannes Lions  in Summer 2016, featuring Pixar storytelling master Matthew Luhn and Quantcast CEO Konrad Feldman.

Luhn knows a thing or two about storytelling: He helped create the scripts for Finding Nemo, Toy Story II, Cars, and many other movies.

He laid out a few of Pixar’s storytelling principles in an article for AdAge titled “How to Put More Emotion in Storytelling,” which Tweney Media helped produce.


The focus of the article — and Luhn’s talk — is that unfortunately, most of the time, online marketing is synonymous with obnoxious, in-your-face advertisements.

Yet online and mobile advertising can be just as compelling, engaging, and entertaining as offline and TV ads. (Witness the tear-inducing Budweiser commercials with horses and dogs, like the one shown above.)

The key to making this happen is for marketers to learn how to produce emotional responses in the audiences they want to reach. Emotion, unfortunately, cannot be produced by technology alone.

The key to producing an emotion is to tell a story.

Luhn’s principles:

  1. You need a hook
  2. You need to show a change in order to engender a change in your audience
  3. You want to establish a connection with shared or universal human concerns
  4. You’ll need good story structure
  5. And finally, be authentic. You can’t fake your way to a real emotional connection.