The Measure of a Brand

Trumaker is a maker of custom shirts and other apparel for men. Its quality is high, its shirts fit amazingly well, and at $120 or so they are really good value for a custom-fit shirt with good materials. But at that price — and with the need for someone to visit each customer to get their measurements — the company also has a long marketing cycle. It needed a way to reach its target market again and again, to help them understand what Trumaker was all about.

Even more important, Trumaker wanted a way to convey its values: Simplicity, honesty, and a definition of what it means to be a good man that goes beyond material success.

All that pointed to a lifestyle publication.

The company had been working on plans for a publication called The Measure for several months when it engaged Tweney Media to help with the launch. Working closely with the marketing team, we helped Trumaker hone the editorial mission for The Measure, and also helped refine the company’s overall message hierarchy. We established an editorial calendar and built a publishing process that was robust and scalable. We contributed a few pieces of our own, including the one quoted below, about boots. We worked with numerous freelancers, assigning and editing copy. And we edited a large amount of existing copy to get the publication ready for launch.

The Measure launched in October, 2015. While Tweney Media is no longer involved with the publication, we’re proud to say we built the rails on which it continues to roll.

My go-to boots these days are a pair of Justin ropers. They’re over fifteen years old, as battered and weathered as an old baseball glove, and about the same color. I think of them as my lucky boots.

For a long time, I felt too shy to wear such rugged, prosaic boots unless I was actually out in the country, hiking around, or just relaxing on a remote porch somewhere. My own work has been more of the sitting-at-a-desk variety, and it just felt wrong to wear these boots to an office.

But lately, that’s started to change.

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