The Straight Dope on Cybersecurity

Withinsecurity is a blog dedicated to exploring the word of computer security from the inside: From the perspective of chief security officers and hackers.

The site is sponsored by HackerOne, a vulnerability management and bug bounty platform. H1 empowers companies to protect consumer data, trust and loyalty by working with the global research community to surface your most relevant security issues.

H1 engaged Tweney Media to develop and launch withinsecurity as an independent blog, with the goal of building an audience (and eventually creating a community) of hackers and chief security officers. Growing H1’s brand within that audience is a primary goal, but given the target audience’s natural allergies to marketing in any form, we are not taking an overtly promotional approach. The goal instead is to make withinsecurity an independent, intelligent, and useful site in its own right, with H1 as a relatively hands-off single sponsor.

We launched withinsecurity in late October, 2015, and have been publishing 3-4 posts per week since then. Tweney Media assisted with the site design and technical requirements, created the site’s internal and external positions, crafted a writer’s guide, built an editorial calendar, recruited freelancer writers, and works with the writers to produce high-quality content on a regular basis. We also continue to work closely with HackerOne’s marketing and PR teams to ensure that the publication is tracking with the company’s overall marketing goals.

As we wrote in the introduction to withinsecurity on its About page:

We might use the same clickbait headlines as other tech blogs, but rest assured: That’s just to ensure that your boss clicks through and reads the story when you forward it to her. After the headline, we promise to give you the straight dope. We won’t be blowing security risks out of proportion. We’ll do our best to explain vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies as clearly and as accurately as we can. We’ll put them into context so you can assess and prioritize more intelligently.

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